Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 5/28/21

Memorial Day

Good afternoon,

 I am happy to say that Val and Derek Buckley are home and recuperating.  Although they are making progress every day, thoughts and prayers are still in order.

On Monday, the Zoning Board of Appeals upheld a permit for a slaughter house on Tranquility Lane.  A number of restrictions were added to the approval. I remained concerned about this. The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has yet to allow the enterprise to go forward. This process highlights some changes which I believe we need to make in our Zoning Regulations and possibly Farming Ordinances. I have begun to discuss this with our Planning and Zoning Commission.

Bob Lessler has started to work with the Board of Ethics reviewing and rewriting our Code of Ethics Ordinance. Anyone who has thoughts regarding our Ethics Ordinance should feel free to forward their thoughts to me.

We have traditionally allowed political signs in the lead up to elections or referenda.  I realize that important votes by boards and commissions could be considered in the same fashion, and of course, I do not want to restrict freedom of speech. I would ask that once such votes occur, the signs be removed promptly. Our Zoning Regulations are designed to, “protect the established rural and residential character of the Town,” which I believe is a goal we can all agree to. If signs are left up or are not related to the election, referenda or commission, committee or board votes, they will be removed without notice per the Town Policy. We like to have our town looking pristine and uncluttered.

Bev Dacey has generously agreed to lead the effort to hold a meaningful Ceremony of Remembrance on September 11, 2021, which is the 20th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon and the fourth plane taken down in a field near Shanksville, PA. We are looking for people who have ideas on how to create a meaningful and mindful ceremony. That day affected so many of us here in Easton and we want to mark this anniversary in an honorable and respectful fashion. I know some residents were in downtown Manhattan on that day and may have reflections to share. Please contact me if you have ideas or wish to participate.

Monday is Memorial Day and I look forward to marching in the parade and seeing many of you at the ceremony. Having a parade is a sign of our emergence from the pandemic, and that is to be celebrated! I think the message of Memorial Day is particularly poignant at this time. We honor the memories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We realize that being a good citizen requires a willingness to give of yourself to make our country better for all. On Memorial Day, we celebrate all those brave souls who lost their lives defending our nation and those who continue to fight for our freedom and our way of life.

See you at the parade!

Dave Bindelglass

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. – Elmer Davis