Jeff Parker Seeks First Selectman’s Seat

Kristi Sogofsky Runs for Re-Election as Selectman

Kristi Sogofsky

As the summer begins to heat up, so is the campaign for Jeff Parker and Kristi Sogofsky. The coming months will include several events to meet voters, share positions on important local issues and bring the focus back to Easton.

Two very engaged and involved Eastonites, Jeff is running for first selectman, and Kristi for re-election as selectman in the Easton municipal election to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Jeff and Kristi formally kicked off their campaign on Saturday, June 12 with an event at the Sogofsky home.

Their slate, “Jeff & Kristi: For a Better Easton” focuses on the following pillars:

  • Preserving Local Control: Maintaining local control of the decisions that have the greatest impact on our community, whether they relate to education, land use or other regionalization efforts.
  • Advancing Education: Striving to maintain a first-class education system that meets the needs of all our town’s students, especially in the wake of Covid-19.
  • Accountability in Leadership: Committing to being a steady and strong voice in making decisions with Easton’s heart at the forefront and unifying around our shared goals.
  • Consideration of Land Use: Committing to protect Easton’s natural beauty and rural character. We must maintain a balance between meeting the needs of the town and the desire to preserve open space.
  • Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility: Each decision must be made with the taxpayer in mind and respecting the ability of each household to fund expenditures while providing the necessary and desired services.
  • Continuing to Care for our Seniors: Providing services to our seniors to enable them to stay in their homes and in Easton.

Jeff is retired from a business career working with schools and communities, providing him ample time to devote to the position of Easton First Selectman.

“I am running because we need a renewed focus that puts Easton first and overcomes the challenges coming from outside Easton,” he said.

He formally filed the paperwork to run for first selectman on May 28. Jeff’s late wife, Joan Parker, a lifelong educator, was principal of Helen Keller Middle School. Jeff shares her legacy of working for excellent education, serving on the Easton Board of Education since 2011, and as its chairman from 2013-20. He and his wife, Diane, enjoy spending time with their grown children and enjoying all Easton has to offer.

Kristi and her husband, Mark, made Easton their family’s home in 2011 and immediately committed to helping make Easton a better place. Kristi served on the Easton Library Board of Trustees before being appointed and later elected as a town selectman in 2018 and reelected in 2019.

“Serving on the Board of Selectmen has been a privilege and an honor,” Sogofsky said. “I am committed to our community and making decisions that are in the best interest of Easton. Our biggest challenge right now is a growing divide among neighbors. We need to come together as a town.”

In addition to her career as a professional communicator, currently for the Connecticut Association of Realtors, you can find Kristi on Easton’s athletic fields, at Girl Scout and Cub Scout events, volunteering with Easton PTO or at church on Sundays.

To learn more, donate or get involved, visit:

The Easton Republican Town Committee will present and vote on the full slate of candidates for the November election at a caucus on July 22 in the Easton Public Library Community Room. All registered Republicans in Easton are invited to attend.