176 Incident Reports Logged

19        9-1-1 Error / Transfer

  2        Accidents

16        Aided Cases

15        Alarm / Fire Calls

  6        Animal Calls

24        Assistance / All Other/ K9 Assist

2          Consults With An Officer

0          Criminal Mischief / Property Damage

1          Dumping / Littering

0          Erratic Driver Reported

3          Fingerprints

0          Juvenile Assistance

3          Larceny / Theft Offense

2          Motor Vehicle Theft

14        Motor Vehicle Stops

0          Permits Issued Construction/Pistol / Solicitor Temporary

17        Programmed Patrol / Selective Enforcement

3          Property (Found-Lost-Released)

2          Scam (Call-Electronic-Mail) / Fraud Offense / ID Theft

0          School Detail

4          Supplemental Reports

8          Suspicious (Activity – Motor Vehicle – Person)

1          Traffic Complaint

8          Town-Utility-State Property

1          Vacant House / Welfare Check


1          Misdemeanor Summons/Criminal Arrests

3          Infractions

8          Written Warnings

4          Verbal Warnings

First-degree Larceny

An Easton resident informed the police department on July 13 that the home aide hired to help him with medical needs, had stolen his car and wallet. He stated that shortly after she arrived to work that morning in her own vehicle, he saw her leaving in his car and then noticed that his wallet had been taken. He tried calling her several times to no avail. A short time later, after reporting the incident to the Easton Police Department, the stolen motor vehicle was involved in an accident in Trumbull, police said. 

The alleged offender, Jamie Powell, 30, a resident of Seymour, was detained by Trumbull police and taken to Easton for processing. The missing wallet was discovered among her personal items, police said. Her supervisor from the placement agency said he had gotten a strange text message from Powell earlier that morning that effective that day, she was quitting and moving on to other things. She had been employed by the placement agency since last September and by all accounts was a good employee, according to the report.

Powell was uncooperative and refused to speak while being processed and detained, police said. She was charged with larceny in the first degree and released on a $10,000 surety bond. Police said she was then taken to the hospital where she agreed speak to someone.

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

The Easton Police Department is located at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612, 203-268-4111, EastonCT.gov.

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