Letter: In Support of Sarah Lehberger’s Appointment to the Region 9 BOE

To the Editor:

I am writing to applaud the Easton Board of Selectman decision to appoint Sarah Lehberger to the vacant seat on the Region 9 Board of Education.  I disagree with Kristi Sogofsky’s accusation in her recent letter that this was a political appointment. 

Kristi forced the vote. If she has complaints about the process, she should look toward herself. She is the elected official, and it was her duty to properly prepare and present her party’s nominee before the vote.

Sarah submitted a complete résumé to members of the BoS in advance of their meeting, not just a brief bio.  When you review that résumé, it is obvious that Sarah’s professional experience, education and history of service and commitment to the Easton community make her the perfect candidate.  It clearly documents that Sarah is extremely qualified for this position on many levels and that she could fill the vacant seat with the urgency required.

Sarah has a professional background in all aspects of project management, problem solving and strategic planning, and she is an expert in the complexities and nuances of communication and collaboration.  In addition to her many professional accomplishments, she has an extensive history of service and engagement with the Easton community. Her many volunteer positions document her dedication to the schools and our youth. Sarah also has two children in our Easton school system, and she is actively focused on the current needs and issues concerning our students and on their best interests.

We are very lucky that someone of Sarah’s caliber is willing to step up and step in to serve on the Board of Education and fill this vacancy promptly at this crucial time when the board is tasked with many urgent issues including the hiring of a head of school, a superintendent, and a CFO. We’ve lost support staff and we’re still navigating pandemic protocols and state mandates which adds to the complexity of the timing. Appointing Sarah was a prudent act, and what we witnessed was good governance from Dave and Bob. 

I’m dismayed that Kristi has politicized our bipartisan school board during a time when our community needs to come together.

I’m confident that Sarah will resist attempts to politicize our schools and the high quality education that our students deserve, as they are too important.

Dr. Pat Camuto