Letter: Students Not a Priority on SOS ‘Wish List’

To the Editor:

The “Save Our Schools” group recently shared a list of characteristics they view as important for superintendent candidates. The most troubling aspect of their list is what it did not include:

The word “students.” Only two of the 14 items mentioned “students.” In fact, one of their primary qualifications is, “Candidates who emphasize traditional academic excellence over student comfort.”

How can students succeed if their comfort is de-emphasized?

Maybe we should look for candidates who will “ensure a curriculum that will prepare students to be leaders; create a positive, healthy school community where students feel safe and confident so they may achieve excellence; encourage collaboration between students and teachers; put support in place for students who are struggling; take a firm stance against bullying;” or other ways to help students be the best people they can be.

The SOS list is all about what they want in candidates, not what our students need.

It’s astounding to me that these people claim to “Save Our Schools.” Astounding. Save our schools from what, exactly?

Debbi Barer

19-year Easton resident

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