‘The Man, the Myth, the Legend’ — Phil Doremus

Retirement Party Slideshow

Sophia Vournazos, Town Hall receptionist, captured the spirit of Phil Doremus’s retirement party in her photos of the day. Finance Director Christine Calvert organized the party for Doremus, outgoing zoning and conservation enforcement officer.

Celebrations have been rare since before the pandemic, and the large and enthusiastic turnout of well wishers showed they appreciated the gathering and their coworker, “The Man, the Myth and the Legend.” He has many stories to tell of his more than 70 years in Easton and promised to keep telling them.

Dolly Curtis captures some of his vast knowledge of Easton in an oral history she recently recorded. Sheila Weaver, who along with Curtis is a longtime Easton Arts Council member, will edit the recording. It will soon be available with the other oral histories that the Easton Public Library has collected and published as part of the Easton 175th anniversary celebration.

You can listen to them here: Easton Public Library Oral History Project.

Read more about Doremus’s retirement party here: Coworkers Laud Phil Doremus’s Service to Easton

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