Letter: Public Act 21-29 and response to First Selectman Bindelglass’s Message of July 30

To the Editor:

In response to https://eastoncourier.news/2021/07/30/a-message-from-first-selectman-bindelglass-19/First Selectman Bindelglass’s message of July 30 and comments on discussions about Public Act 21-29, at the P&Z Special Meeting, I don’t believe his description of a lot of hyperbole about Public Act 21-29 is accurate. While Public Act 21-29 was mentioned a few times it was not a topic of the meeting, and P&Z members consistently advised they had not yet read it and would not comment on it.

That said, I agree with our first selectman that people should read the act as it concerns multi-family housing, low and moderate income family housing, community development plans, mobile homes, multi-family housing, accessory apartments, and a requirement that the town create and submit an affordable housing plan. See https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/act/pa/pdf/2021PA-00029-R00HB-06107-PA.pdf.

While I think it’s important that citizens try to educate themselves on issues, not all are trained to read legislation so I also believe it is incumbent on our elected first selectman and the P&Z members to break this down and explain to the town how this legislation will impact Easton and whether they support opting out where permitted.

Each should also go on the record to state if they support or oppose this legislation and the reasons why or why not. It is not enough for our elected leaders to throw it over the wall and say read it yourself. More is required of those that want to lead.

David Antonez