Masks Now Mandated

The First Selectman of Westport, Fairfield, and myself have jointly decided to extend the current mandate to wear masks in all town buildings, to now include ALL PUBLIC BUILDINGS in our respective towns.

Obviously, in Easton this affects our eateries and farms. The effect in other towns is far greater due to the sheer number of restaurants and public spaces in our neighboring towns. You should be prepared to mask up in restaurants and stores and other businesses in our neighboring towns. The movement of people between our towns makes this multi-town approach logical.

The countywide numbers have continued to rise. I  am in agreement with my fellow Selectmen that this is warranted. My primary concerns continue to be our ability to start  the school year traditionally and in-person and to keep our Senior Center open and running. This is supported by the Westport Weston Health District as well.

I appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep all of us safe. It is all of our hopes that this will be a short-term mandate. As always, I have faith in our town’s people to do the right and responsible thing.

Dave Bindelglass

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