Families Advised to Prepare for Possible Delayed School Opening

The Easton Police Department posted this message just now on its Facebook page:

“Please be weather aware! A Tornado Watch and Flash Flood Watch are in effect! Do not travel if you do not need to! Call Easton PD at 203-268-4111 to report any hazards or 911 in an emergency. Be safe.”

The Easton, Redding and Region 9 School District sent the following message to students’ families:

“Dear Friends and Families of ER9:

I have been monitoring the weather updates, and I would like to take a moment to invite you to think about what you will need in order to be prepared for a potential  delay to the start of school. As of this evening a cancellation seems unlikely, but we should prepare for all eventualities.

There is a possibility that the anticipated rain tonight could lead to flooding or power outages; the path of the storm is not yet fully defined.

First and always: Take those actions you believe to be best for your children’s safety. If you have a high school student who drives, you might want to have them ride the bus or be driven by you if the roads are impacted by the weather.  For younger children, you might want to drive or wait with them at the bus stops. If we anticipate heavy rain, whatever age the child is, I urge you to insist on the right sort of windbreakers, rain gear or other outer layers as needed. Far too often I have stood at the entrance of a school in the pouring rain and watched a student in a T-shirt and shorts try to dash through the deluge.

If it becomes necessary to call a delayed opening, the district will issue a message and our administrators will inform local radio and TV channels. This is a friendly reminder for parents who work at a distance from the schools to make back-up arrangements with family members or trusted neighbors about what you will do to maintain age-appropriate oversight of your children.    

The bus drivers have received training on what to do if there is no one at the bus stop to receive the younger students. Generally, in those situations they would return with the child to the school and the school administrators will contact the parents or emergency contacts for pick up. With New England weather we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

I am hopeful that we will not have anything impact our bus runs, but if necessary we will put safety first. So, please ensure your cell phones are charged and you check the news in the morning.

Tom McMorran
Easton, Redding & Region 9 School Districts”