Letter: Is Jeff Parker For or Against the Pathway?

To the Editor:

This is in response to Jeff Parker’s published opinion on the Pathway dated Sept 12.

The reader was led to believe Mr. Parker was going to provide the Easton Voters his opinions on the Pathway as was stated in the body of the article, yet what he provided to Easton Voters were comments – no opinion. Logical and thoughtful comments for sure but the Easton Voters have absolutely no idea if he is for the Pathway or against the Pathway.

Easton Voters have been made aware of where Selectman Bindleglass stands and as this is an enormous issue consuming the entire Town these days and with the election around the corner, Mr. Parker is doing a disservice to the Easton Voters by not clearly articulating his position.

Interestingly enough, one of the six bullet points on “Jeff and Kristi For A Better Easton” states in the Issues tab under the heading of Leadership / Accountability that he commits to “…a steady and strong voice in making decisions.”

Easton Voters deserve to know – For or Against?

Mimi Jacob