Letter: Fund the Pathway Design

To the Editor:

At this past Monday’s Town Meeting when the topic of the multi-use/pedestrian path was discussed, many people expressed their opinions. Questions were asked about the path itself, like: would it have lights, how many trees will have to be cut down, would the copper beach tree be harmed, or will utility poles need to be relocated?

Several people claimed that various factions in town want the path for ulterior motives, like: it is part of a plan to turn the Easton Village Store location into a village district, or the path is part of a plan to bring unwanted visitors to town on buses from Bridgeport.

My interest in the pathway is much less complicated. I am looking to see if the path, as designed, will make Sport Hill Road safer for the citizens of Easton. As it is, Sport Hill Road is narrow with practically no shoulder and is a danger for anyone who wants to get up or down the hill, whether they are a Helen Keller student headed up to the Village Store, a bicyclist out for exercise, or a person in a wheelchair wanting to take their dog to the dog park. It bothers me that there are people in town who know that the road is unsafe but are unwilling to see if this path will help remedy that situation.

To date most of the information we have about the path consists of conceptual sketches and a general description. We can’t know the answers to many specific questions about the path until the design is done. That is why I ask you to vote “YES” on this coming Tuesday, 9/21, for the town to appropriate the sum of $80,000 for the costs associated with initial design of the path. The town will be reimbursed for 80% of this cost, making our investment $16,000. As I understand it, the initial design should give us all a clear picture of what the path will look like and where it will be located. Then we can have a meaningful discussion on whether it meets the needs of the town.

Paul Lindoerfer