In-House Gelato Coming In October

Shaggy Coos Farm has been offering freshly made gelato for the past four years, made with their milk at La Dolche in Norwalk, Conn. When the farm heard that La Dolche was closing down, they decided to buy La Dolche’s gelato machine.

Shaggy Coos farm store.

Shaggy Coos is excited to start making gelato in house once they finish up on some final touches. They will be offering new gelato flavors like strawberry, chocolate, stracciatella, pistachio and hazelnut, as well as other product lines like ice cream! They are also interested in holding social hours at the farm where people can get a scoop and check out the animals.

Shaggy Coos was started back in 2007 by the Brady family. It all began with a spark of interest in farm life with their two girls Margaret and Matilda. Over the years it slowly transitioned from equine to what it is today by adding more animals and more products to the farm. The Bradys are still the owners, but have since moved to Georgia, and the farm is managed by Britt Conover, who became involved in the farm three years ago. She is responsible for day-to-day animal care and milking, store sales, wholesale accounts, pasteurizing, and customer service. Britt will also be making the ice cream.

As always, the Shaggy Coos farm store has white and chocolate milk. They had strawberry milk for the summer and are looking to add a fall seasonal flavor. Their pork, turkey and chicken are all raised in Easton, and their beef is from cows raised in Litchfield. The fish is from City Fish Market in Norwalk and all local and wild caught. 

Shaggy Coos will begin making their own gelato starting October 1 and has already added in-house Italian ice to the store menu. They are also taking deposits for Thanksgiving turkeys.

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