A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 10/1/2021


Good afternoon, 

The Covid numbers for this week show Easton remaining in the orange category with a rate of 14.2 per 100,000 for the period ending Sept. 25, which is a slight increase.  A discussion through the health district has concluded that for now we will keep the mask mandate in place for all public buildings in the three towns.  We want to be objective in our criteria for relaxing the mandate and the criteria will be two weeks where the rate is less than 10 per 100,000. That is yellow on the Thursday map with red, orange and yellow.  There is some confusion about Westport supposedly relaxing their mandate. The only change that they have made is to allow people in their gyms to work out without masks. 

We welcome Dr. McKinnon, our new superintendent of schools who apparently made a big hit with his pet kangaroos. We look forward to moving our schools forward under his direction.  So far, our schools are off to a great, and more importantly, safe start. 

I think many of you know that the amount of construction work being done in our area, and specifically in Easton has grown tremendously including new construction, generators, pools and septic system overhauls. Many houses have changed hands, leading to more work being done in the last 2 years, as well as huge increases in housing values. That is great news for our local economy in Easton.  You probably also know that it is hard for many employers to fill vacant positions and that includes inspectors. We are working extremely hard to keep up with the demand, as well as continuing on our process improvement work with the new members of our staff in building, zoning and sanitation. I am confident you will see continued improvement, but please be patient as this is happening everywhere in our region. Remember, this is a sign of how much people want to come to Easton, and their willingness to make improvements to their properties and remain here. 

The library is extending its used book sale through Sunday.  The sale runs on Saturday from 9:30 – 4 and Sunday from 11-3 if you want some last-minute bargains.

Sunday, October 3rd kicks off Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” More details to follow.
Have a great weekend,