Dr. Stephanie Pierson Ugol, ER9 assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, has announced a new ER9 curriculum website: https://sites.google.com/er9.org/curriculum-parent-resources/home.

The website provides parents with an overview of the curricula in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Over the coming months, school officials will continue to build the website to add reformatted documents for all subject areas at each level.  

The roll out of the new ER9 curriculum website will include the following components:

  1. Phase 1 Curriculum Content:  Overviews of K-8 math, Integrated Language Arts (ILA), and science curriculum, 9-12 program of studies, and 9-12 curriculum guides by course.  
  2. Phase 2 Curriculum Content:  Additional content areas will be added to the website once they have been reformatted into a more user-friendly layout.
  3. Phase 3 Instructional Resources: Written and video parent resources that provide details about curriculum philosophy, instructional strategies, and resource-specific guides.
  4. Phase 4 Student-designed Resources: Student-created media that provides a glimpse into ER9 curricula in action. This will include information about courses and learning experience from a student’s perspective.

The pacing guides made available on the ER9 website represent a typical year or semester of learning for each content area or course.  As always, but particularly during these times, teachers strive to maximize learning progress by responding to individual student strengths and needs. 

Formative assessments will guide daily instruction to reinforce concepts not yet fully understood and enrich student learning when appropriate.  The pacing guides should not be seen as a lock step scope and sequence but rather as an overview of learning within a continuum across grade levels and within a discipline.

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