Updated 10/8/2021

Fall Foliage

Good afternoon,

The Covid numbers for the last week are 11.4 per 100,000 for the week ending October 2. This is an improvement, but still in the orange (high risk) levels.  As many of you know, the original agreement to initiate a mask mandate for public buildings was a combined agreement between Westport, Easton and Fairfield. This was also joined subsequently by Weston.  Redding instituted a mandate as well.  Westport allows people to take off masks if they are socially distanced in gyms. Currently the ECC does the same. Last week, Fairfield broke ranks, and removed their mandate. Westport, Weston and Redding have kept theirs. For the three towns in the health district, we have agreed for now to look at the objective data for the rates per 100,000 published each Thursday. Redding will probably follow us. That is the current state of the mask mandate.

The senior center had an extremely successful flu clinic this week with upwards of 200 people getting vaccinated. We continue to be a model for other senior centers, so congratulations to Val and her team. The second clinic is Tuesday, October 12, from 10 to noon.  You must register with the senior center ahead of time. They can be reached at (203) 268-1145.

We are also running a flu clinic at the library on October 19 from 4:30-7.  The health district is currently working with Anthem which had denied reimbursements to the district for vaccines. Easton is directly involved in those negotiations. As a provider of health care, this is what providers deal with all the time just like you all have hassles with your health insurers. We hope to have it resolved soon.

There has been a resurgence of talk about optimum outages.  Please remember to forward all complaints to my office so we can use our process to escalate these issues to Optimum and get them resolved. I am happy to report that we are in contact with GoNetspeed who seems to be showing renewed interest. If you have not done so already please go to their website and register your interest.

There are some board and commission seats which remain unfilled.  If you go to the town website, you can look under the “About Easton” tab.  We have so many talented people in town, and the more we all get involved, the better. This is another reminder about all the things than can be found on the town website, eastonct.gov.  Similarly, the more informed we all are particularly in our town meeting form of government, the better the decisions we can make together.

Hazardous Waste Day collection is tomorrow, Saturday, October 9 from 9 – 2 p.m. located at 307 Indian Ledge Park, Trumbull, next to the BMX facility. Some examples of hazardous waste are paints, cleaners and gasoline.

Enjoy your weekend,


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