Candidate Bio

Easton is my family’s home. We love being part of this community and I feel it’s important to be involved. I first became active in our town government in 2017, accepting a position on the Easton Library Board of Trustees and later serving as board chair. The following year, then First Selectman Adam Dunsby appointed me to fill a vacancy on the Board of Selectmen. I ran in a special election that year and won. I was then re-elected in 2019 and again ask for your support this year so I can continue serving our community.

My entire professional career is built on communicating. I spent nearly 20 years as a local TV news anchor and reporter, 15 of those years with News 12 Connecticut.  I currently work for the Connecticut Association of REALTORS developing and producing video content, serving as communication director and working closely on marketing campaigns. I’m still a journalist at heart, which drives my approach to seek the facts in any situation and to approach issues with an objective eye.

My focus on communication and information sharing helped drive the effort to get our town meetings posted online, in addition to being broadcast on Channel 79. Fortunately, we started that effort in 2019 prior to the pandemic.

Outside of my town role and my career, you can find me on the soccer, baseball or lacrosse fields, at Girl Scout and Cub Scout events, volunteering with Easton PTO or at church on most Sundays.

My husband and I moved to Easton in 2011. Our two kids, Tyler and Lainey, are at Samuel Staples Elementary School. Like many in town, we are dog people. We have two 14-year-old dogs, Charlie and Lucy.

I grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh and am a loyal Penguins and Steelers fan.

Candidate Statement

Our community currently faces many challenges, both within our town and from outside of it. The greatest of those challenges is the divisiveness that has taken over our community. We seem to have lost the ability to respectfully disagree with one another. We’ve seen more of the “I’m right, you’re wrong” approach than the “let’s figure this out together” mentality. We need to bring understanding back into the picture. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, it is always my approach to listen to those who take the time to speak at a meeting, pull you aside afterward or reach out with a call or an email. I have learned so much by having conversations with those who look at an issue from a different perspective. It’s how we all grow, and how our community can come back together.

While compromise is good in most areas, there are some issues that we as a town need to stand firm on. The state continues to discuss, propose and in some cases enact policies and legislation that threaten our ability as a town to make the decisions that are best for our town. I believe the best interest of the community is served when those with the most knowledge of the community are allowed to decide its future. In short, home rule. State lawmakers in Hartford seem to take a one-size-fits-all approach. While that may work for some communities, it does not work when it comes to preserving our land, protecting the watershed or maintaining our schools. We as local leaders must put Easton first and make that voice heard on the state level. It is our responsibility and our duty.

Protection of the watershed and our land are top priorities. Currently, we have an appointed Planning and Zoning Commission. It’s a town board that makes very important and impactful decisions. Decisions that shape the future of the town. In many neighboring communities, planning and zoning officials are elected. I believe it’s time to give voters a voice in deciding who makes our land decisions. We can do this by updating our Planning and Zoning Ordinance so that members are elected just as the members of the Board of Finance, Board of Education and Board of Selectmen are elected.

While there is no magic wand to wave to address our issues and concerns, we can only reach solutions by working together. I look forward to continuing to do that work for you.

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