Candidate Bio

I have had the privilege to serve 10 years on the Region 9 Board of Education, the last two years as Chair. Two of my children graduated from Joel Barlow during the pandemic, and I have two more children at Helen Keller who will soon attend the high school.

Candidate Statement

I have never seen anything like the past couple of years during my tenure on the Board. Region 9 has gone through a lot of changes with COVID protocols, leadership turnover, remote learning, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and a “new normal” student and teacher daily life.

In my next 4 years on the Board as we come out of the pandemic, I plan to focus on the future of Joel Barlow working with the new leadership and the dedicated faculty and staff to keep us as the top high school in the area. My primary goals are:

• Return focus to academic excellence and student achievement while balancing diversity and inclusion initiatives
• Bring back school spirit and student interaction in extracurricular and athletic events
• Align on Region 9 strategic vision and goals with the Board, head of school, superintendent, director of digital learning, assistant superintendent for curriculum, and teachers at JBHS

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