Greiser’s Coffee and Market invites the community to a Halloween party on Sunday, Oct. 24 outdoors in the parking lot. Musician Dan Carlucci will perform, and the market will be open until 5 p.m. The BeeWitched food truck will be in attendance to cater the event.  

This is just one example of the many art shows, live music and special seasonal events Greiser’s holds throughout the year.

Friends meet up for coffee and a chat. — Maria Zegarelli Photo

“Creating a space for the community to come together is so important to us and one of our main philosophies,” said Adrienne Burke on behalf of the Greiser’s team.  “Part of our mission is to be a gathering place for the community and hosting these kinds of events is part of that.”

“It’s so important to bring everyone together,” said manager Ryan Murawski. “I’m happy to be working here, and I hope to join the community and live here soon.”    

Many items in the market are produced or handcrafted by Easton locals. From bowls, aprons, soap and even art, the town of Easton truly lives inside the doors of Greiser’s.  

The coffee shop and market is Burke’s creation and will celebrate its third anniversary in November.  Burke leases the space from Dick Greiser, the building’s owner.

Since 1926, three generations of the Greiser family have served the Easton community with its general store, luncheonette, town post office, gas station and antique business.

The charming market and café are in a 250-year-old building in the heart of the town. Dick Greiser continues to sell antiques in the building in the back and to pump gas for customers.

The population of Easton has grown since the Covid-19 outbreak, which makes community events like this upcoming Halloween party even more exciting and important. Burke is passionate about continuing what Greiser’s is known for, togetherness.  

The historical site is home to antiques, local artifacts and is itself an important landmark that reflects Easton’s small-town vibrancy and energy. With Halloween right around the corner — and as we continue to transition back to pre-pandemic normalcy — nothing could be more timely than a party with food, fun, and community right in the heart of Easton.

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