Op-Ed: Senior Center Does Not Endorse Political Candidates

The Easton Senior Center, its director and staff do not endorse electoral candidates. The Easton Senior Center Advisory Board reiterated that rule at its October meeting.

 A monthly letter sent to seniors from a town selectman was introduced, at my persuasion when Adam Dunsby was in office. He chose not to use this system. When the next person became Selectman I discussed the advantage of bringing monthly news to seniors especially those who had no access to the internet. (approx.600). Letters have continued from this office since the first communication. This has been a great help during the pandemic. Content has included profound encouragement and advice for lonely worried folks.

Mailings from the senior center are taken from our own lists which adjust as residents arrive or leave town. The senior center follows all Freedom of Information rules. We no longer supply lists to town organizations as previously requested. They come from the town. These changes were made years ago at my advice when we printed town directories.

As Senior Center Director I do work with many, all, and varied elected politicians to the advantage of the Center. In a small town you have to be prepared to work with everyone in order to find grants as with our transportation programs.

I have lived in this town since 1975 and am disturbed that I need to even explain such actions. I will continue to fundraise for Senior Center needs. I have survived name-calling, some of which has been actionable, all of which is personally painful. A recent question for me to answer is to have to explain why I thanked the present selectman for his help with COVID in my recent newsletter. Please note that this is my way to thank all folks that help my cause, no matter who they may be, what’s more, as often as possible. This question is totally ridiculous. I thank folks that help at the time the help continues to be given. Where were all these critics as a group of unbelievable volunteers and staff stayed open to welcome 7,000 signed-in vaccinated seniors in the middle of a pandemic?

What we presently now lack is the ability to speak the truth. Information can be found everyday by calling Town Hall. Not political Town Hall but Factual Town Hall information. Just read the Easton Town web page if you can. Case and point: the Metrocog project was presented by Adam Dunsby. The young lady that helps me in that office with my grants is a “gem”. : DEI surveys, superintendent and hiring issues and school curriculum changes are the responsibility of the Board of Education and not the Board of Selectmen. Check town hall information about the August 20 2020 list of folk who voted for the “resolution racism and public health” In fact, start to call all the appropriate departments for agendas, or have them send you any pertinent information.

As for the signs about “HATE,” try the optimistic viewpoint. I have many signs in my neighborhood. My neighbors are wonderful! I am happy that they feel they have to tell the world how they feel. Easton neighbors are always there in times of trouble, and always have been. I experienced that wonderful feeling earlier this year. Let’s try to ALL go out to vote. Let’s encourage information instead of indoctrination. Sixty years of teaching have taught me to adapt. Let’s begin to talk and discuss and acknowledge that there are varied opinions, all of them valid not necessarily accepted, but part of a great free society. My husband and I continue to love this community. Vote to make a difference. Seniors you CAN participate in your community. JUST GET OUT TO VOTE. CALL ME FOR A RIDE 203-268-1145.

Valerie Buckley

Easton Senior Center Director