My long history in this town is one of commitment and service. I have been on the Board of Education for 10 years, in part as a tribute to my late wife Joan Parker. Joan was an Easton special education teacher, special education director, and finally the principal of Helen Keller Middle School. Her passing in 2010 inspired me to run for the Board of Education in 2011.

My Easton lineage, on my mother’s side, is extensive. My great-grandparents, the Disbrows, owned a small dairy farm on Sport Hill Road. We know the area today as Harvest Moon and Far Horizons Drive. My grandparents would be proud to see how Easton’s farms continue to this day, and to know their grandson continues the family tradition of serving the community.

My two adult daughters grew up in Easton, attended our outstanding schools, and have moved on to successful careers. Caring for our entire community — regardless of age, political party, or background — is a pillar of my campaign and I want to know how I can help each and every one of you. I will work full-time as your first selectman to make sure our town flourishes, and its residents get the services they need: excellent schools; responsive departments at Town Hall; a vibrant senior center and library; a strong police department; and bountiful open space and thriving farms. I will work hard to preserve Easton’s special character while keeping it affordable for every resident.

Finally, in this time of great divide, I will focus on what unites us. Our community has always stood for kindness, respect, and civil dialogue. I am a good listener and I care deeply about the opinions and needs of the townspeople. I am also someone who is unafraid to acknowledge his mistakes and to learn from them.

Let’s bring back the Easton we all know and love. I would be honored to serve you as First Selectman, and respectfully ask for your support on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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