I’m running for the Region 9 Board of Education because I want to help ensure that all of our children continue to receive the best education possible. The past eighteen months have not been easy for anyone, and the COVID-19 pandemic and politically charged issues have detracted from our schools being able to focus on our students’ educations.

Teachers see students who are performing below grade level, both socially and academically. Standardized test scores are down. Parents are hearing that it could take several years for our students to catch up.

This is not unique to Easton, but Easton is unique.

We have the drive, expertise, and financial resources to do more than ‘catch up.’ Our teachers and administrators are excellent. Our parents are engaged. Our students are resilient. We should set the bar high and over-deliver. I am confident our schools and students will rise to the challenge.

Our graduating seniors have not experienced a normal school year since they were freshmen. Time is unrelenting, and there is no time to waste on personal or political agendas. Their time to learn and grow is now.

As a member of the Region 9 Board of Education, I will collaborate with fellow board members, school administrators and teachers to provide the best education possible for all students. I have more than thirty years of professional experience bringing diverse groups of stakeholders together to solve challenging problems, on time and within budget, always with the goal of exceeding expectations.

I am a good listener, a clear communicator, and a logical thinker. I enthusiastically use my skills and energy to support our schools and students, logging hundreds of hours volunteering in our classrooms, organizing Easton PTO events, working with Easton Cub Scout Pack 166, and serving on the boards of the Easton Learning Foundation and the Redding Area Chapter of the National Charity League.

We must not waver on delivering excellence in education. We have federal aid funding that can be used to make up for the academic ground we have lost. I will work hard to ensure those dollars are well spent.

Let’s set the bar high, work our hardest, and beat expectations. Our teachers and administrators are committed to ensuring all students get back on track. Let’s do better for our children than simply ‘catch up.’ Let’s do better than national norms or neighboring towns. Let’s do what Easton schools do: excel.

I look forward to serving our town, and I ask for your vote on November 2, 2021.

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