Maureen P. Williams (D), Final Candidate Statement, Region 9 Board of Education

I bring a straightforward and sincere approach to consensus building to the ER9 Board and have for the past four years.

In our past term, we have worked collectively to confront the challenges of COVID-19 and of false claims raised by small segments of our populace whose approach is, despite a moniker that claims otherwise, divisive, and without vested interest in our schools or our town.

I don’t believe this is partisan work, and challenge any candidate who suggests it is to establish the foundation for that belief.

We hope to return to the business of the board, insuring the highest quality education for our students, in this next term, and segment our work away from national movements that would make our agendas ground zero for ill-founded attacks on quality public education.

I hope to have your vote on Nov. 2.