Democratic Town Committee Closing Statement to Voters

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou.

Democratic candidates in this year’s municipal elections have shown Easton who they are. They are skilled, respectful professionals willing to devote their time and talent to public service because they are driven by a love for Easton

These candidates offer the right skills, expertise, and knowledge at the time Easton needs it. The team has demonstrated how they’ll continue to lead in the way they’ve proven through past performance and have campaigned— with honesty, integrity, and a passionate love of Easton.

It’s an experienced team of accomplished leadership. This amazing group delivers on their promises—and will continue to communicate, listen, and lead with honesty.

We are at a crossroads that demand mature, focused, proven leadership. Divisive tactics seek to undermine good governance to gain power by sowing fear and spreading misinformation. We have welcomed new families during COVID, found new ways to communicate, increased engagement, provided a healthy, safe hometown for our seniors, funded excellent schools, preserved those precious open spaces that make Easton truly special—all under a Democratic administration.

Yet, we are still in an economic recovery with continued questions for the best way to keep our town safe and prospering.

We believe the choice is clear. Do you vote for those that sow doubt, fear, and misinformation as our opponents have chosen to do? Or do you vote for those who have delivered on their promises, listened, communicated with the skills, knowledge, and integrity Easton deserves?

The Democratic candidates are a team that honors Easton as it is, for who we are— all of us. This team has the competent vision and courage to look forward, not backward in fear, to solve the challenges we must face together.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.