Republican Town Committee Closing Statement to Voters

This November 2 Easton can vote for an experienced, dedicated, and loyal group of Republicans. We are proud of our slate which includes decades of service to Easton and a few inspired newcomers unhappy with the way they see things progressing. 

Putting our Board of Selectman under the guidance of a new full time First Selectman with Jeff Parker will ensure the efficiency that has been lost under this administration. Kristi has been holding strong the Republican position single handedly. Last minute meetings and fire drills are no way to run a town. Kristi’s experience along with Jeff’s dedication will be the change we need to keep things going the way Easton should be.   

The core administration of town hall is the Town Clerk Christine Halloran, Treasurer Christine Calvert, and Tax Collector Krista Kot. The first two positions are held by experienced and capable people that have proven their worth by not having any opposition. The Krista is trained, friendly and has added services requested by residents like credit card payments. Even in Covid we have had a superior collection record. Why change in midstream to a novice candidate that would have to start at square one.  

Keeping the Board of Finance with a Republican representation will ensure the fiscal responsibility that is needed coming out of Covid. Wendy Bowditch brings experience from her 20 years of various financial positions in town. Mike Ring has a financial background that will prove valuable. There are decisions to be made with federal funding that we must make sure is spent efficiently.  

The Region 9 Board of Education is severely out of balance. We need to vote in the two Republican candidates to put the board in a better position to reflect the population and what they want for their kid’s education. Todd Johnston is Chair of the Board and Kathy Thompson will bring an education driven new perspective that is sorely missing at this time.  

In the last two years we have seen more divisive behavior amongst our residents. Lawn signs where the word “hate” is the prominent word have littered our bucolic roads. Outside influences have taken us down paths we would never have seen in the past. Let’s get back to running our town efficiently and ensuring things change only for the best.