Following an unusually spirited campaign and significant voter turnout, Democrat David Bindelglass was re-elected First Selectman, out performing his challenger, Republican Jeff Parker.

Dave Bindelglass celebrate at home with his wife, Gloria, after winning a second term as first selectman.

Bindelglass won 1,613 votes, according to the unofficial tally, and Parker garnered 1,491 votes.

Voters also closely supported the two selectmen incumbents, with Republican Kristi Sogofsky receiving 1,586, and slightly exceeding Democrat Robert Lessler’s 1,502 votes.

“This was a very hard-fought, sometimes challenging race, but we had a great team,” Bindelglass said. “They worked very hard. I’m just pleased to have another two years to serve the town and I’ll do my best.”

“It’s always disappointing to finish second,” Parker said. “It was a very hard race but certainly the goal from all of this is to come together as a town and put ourselves back working with each other and talking with each other. And that is the most important part of all of this. The town is more important than any individual race.”

Incumbent Republican Tax Collector Krista Kot handily kept her seat, with 1,743 votes to 1,316 for Michael Gutowski, her Democratic challenger.

There will be a recount of some offices in the next week or so, according to Town Clerk Christine Halloran.

Democrats narrowly notched a seat on the Board of Finance with 1,528 votes for Art Laske over 1,526 votes for Wendy Bowditch to fill a two-year vacancy. Jackie Olschan Kaufman with 1,616 votes and Ira Kaplan with 1,604 votes each won a six-year term, outperforming Republican Michael Ring with 1,556 votes.

If the results remain the same after a recount, the Democrats and Republicans will each have three seats on the finance board where the ratio previously was four Republicans to two Democrats.

One of the most contested races was for the Region 9 Board of Education, the focus of recent attention. Republican Kathy Thompson, a newcomer, was the top vote getter with 1,597 votes. She and incumbent Republican Todd Johnston, with 1,551 votes, won the two open seats, defeating incumbent Democrat Maureen Williams who received 1,449 votes and John Foley with 1,407 votes.

All results are unofficial and will be updated as soon as official results are available. The rest of the unofficial results are included below and have been posted on the Town of Easton website:

Maria Zegarelli and Dalia Jennings contributed to this article.

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