What a memorable experience I recently had at the Easton home of renowned artist Everett Kinstler! Kinstler is now deceased. His wife, Peg, hosts artists at her home to do portrait painting. 

This was not on my bucket list of life’s achievements. However, when I saw Peg’s request in the Senior Center bulletin, I immediately thought of having my granddaughters sit for their portrait.  They are ages eight and 10. They chose not to sit for five hours. Peg suggested I model. This was out of my comfort zone, but I agreed.

Timothy Rees from Iowa was the instructor. There were 10 artists learning to perfect their skills. Listening to Tim, I learned some of the finer skills of portrait painting. He instructed me to look at him and not to move my head for the entire time.

Tim painted my portrait in the morning. It was a two-day session. You sit for 20 minutes and then get a five-minute break. After a couple of hours there was a break for lunch. My neck was so stiff.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the students painting my portrait. Again, after 20 minutes there was a five-minute break. The day ended at 4:30 p.m. After the first session I went home and took a nap.

Feeling refreshed the second day, I sat with a renewed vigor for modeling. I managed to remain as still as a saluting soldier the entire day. By day’s end, the artists commended me on my modeling skills. Peg asked me if I would be willing to sit again.  With a resounding “Yes,” I said I will be back at the Kinstler’s in March.

Anyone wishing to have their portrait done by Tim, may contact him at Tim@ReesfineArt.com.

Joan Kirk and Timothy Rees of Iowa with the portrait of Kirk Rees painted.

Kinstler lived in Easton during his later years while also maintaining his New York City residence. You can read obituaries and tributes about the prolific portraitist at: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Portrait Society of America, International Artist – Publisher’s Letter, International Artist – by Michael Shane Neal, Fine Art Connoisseur, Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, Oil Painters of America and many others at Obituaries and Tributes.

About Joan Kirk

I was a resident of Easton for 27 years. We moved here for the fantastic school system.  My children were babies when we built our home and moved to Easton.  I have been at the Town Hall in various capacities for approximately 27 years.  It is my second home.

I am a member of the Cemetery Committee since its inception.  I also have the title of a Justice of the Peace and am a notary.  The Senior Advisory Board in Easton asked me to joint their committee 12 years ago. I have also been a member of the Historical Society of Easton for 20 years. I enjoy local history and this is my passion.

Easton is a wonderful town to live in.

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