Red Maple Outside My Window

There’s a red maple outside my window 

And today it is my friend. 

I think it’s part of the eternal plan: sustenance 

Providing what I need 

On this gray afternoon 

Approaching winter 

Its star-like leaves point in all directions 

Filling the space around slender dark branches 

Ample, yet not so thick as to block out 

The woody light beyond them 

Not so blood red as to shrilly shock, 

As they might do on a bright October day

When a cerulean sky pulls out all the stops—no,

But glowing, candy-apple red against barren woods

Heavy was my sorrow with thoughts of the grief of man

Through long strides and long reach 

We learned to think that we’d prevail

Our hubris, now inspected

Is our score on earth to fail?

There’s a red maple outside my window 

And today it is my friend

With leaves alighting and falling, 

A-bob in a restless wind

From outside my window they find me

So that I can think I found them!

From depleted eyes, I am rescued

By a maple that knows me as kin

Though heavy may be our sorrow

Our failure, our grief, as man 

The maple is there and uplifts us 

Whispering not to despair

Nature is boundlessly supple

The rifts and the tears, she mends

With ancient-crafted artistry

Our scrawling curve, she will bend 

Like the maple, we are but her creatures

Like the maple, we can be the friend

Come in the darkening season 

To uphold earth’s glory again