The Artist: A Tribute to Roberta Cioppa

Roberta Cioppa (1935 – 2021)

I had the privilege and honor of working with Roberta Cioppa at Helen Keller Middle School for nearly 30 years. Upon meeting her we immediately bonded. Roberta taught art while Robert taught music.

Growing up, art was always my favorite subject, that is, until I was introduced to playing an instrument. I loved all of my art teachers and still remember their names.

Seeing in me what most teachers didn’t, they drew from me works that made me proud. Roberta Cioppa did the same for all of her students. May she forever rest in glorious peace for her service and the art she shared. 

The Artist

Bright blue leafed trees
against an emerald sky
forces one to stop
and wonder why.

A strange new sound
one never found
can easily make
a listener sigh.

The truth be known
inner vision is shown
to the one born
with a discerning eye.

Immeasurable emotion
endless devotion,
people may laugh
and see her cry.

It’s because of her
and her world within
man may one day
learn to fly.

So I honor you
for all that you do
if not for your vision
we would wither and die.

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