Updated 12/17/2021


Good afternoon, 

There has been a significant increase in COVID cases in the state, in hospitalizations and in cases in Easton. For the two weeks ending December 11, Easton’s rate is 34.2 per 100,000. There is at least hope that while the number of cases will rise, due to our vaccination rates the severity of the disease will be muted. This is certainly possible, but by no means guaranteed.  We will not be changing policy at this time, but I think the facts warrant even more caution than we have gotten used to in the past.

Next week Town Hall will be open Monday to Wednesday and closed Thursday and Friday. 

We have begun to make some changes on the town website in regard to the posting of Boards and Commissions. You will see that the pages are structured slightly differently. We are still in the process of uploading the information so please bear with us. If you have any questions please reach out to the Town Clerk.

For those in the northern end of town, we had appropriated funds to do maintenance on the dry hydrants that supply water to fight fires. We have thus far been unsuccessful in finding outfits to do the work. This will be ongoing in the spring.

I have a special request from Police Chief Doyle. We have seen another increase in burglars entering cars, with one car actually stolen. In every single case the cars were left unlocked or with keys in them. This is 100% preventable so please lock your cars.

As winter approaches, slips and falls on the ice are a major concern. The Senior Center will again be offering help with grocery shopping so people can stay in when the weather is bad. Please call the Senior Center staff to see if we can help you rather than taking a chance. Also, they are trying to connect volunteers willing to shovel paths with seniors so again call the Senior Center staff if this would be helpful to you. Phone: 203-268-1145.

Have a great weekend,


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