The Back Yard Beekeepers Association will offer a four-session course in the New Year with two ways to attend.  Classes will be in person, at the Norfield Grange, 12 Goodhill Road, Weston (Seating is limited to permit social distancing) or via Zoom.

The class will meet on Mondays, Jan. 10, 17, 24 and 31 from: 7 to 9 p.m.  The cost is $50 for instruction plus one year’s membership in the Back Yard Beekeepers Association  Contact: Leslie Huston at 203-417-2023 or 

Beekeeping is an engaging, hands-on hobby with a  host of rewards. — Nancy Moon Photo

A Bee School gift certificate makes a unique and sustainable holiday gift for someone else or oneself. Keeping a colony or two of honey bees offers a window into a fascinating corner of the ecosystem. Beekeeping is an engaging, hands-on hobby with a  host of rewards. It can supply you with plenty of honey for family and friends,  as well as increase your garden’s productivity by ensuring adequate pollination. 

Perhaps just as important, though — as any beekeeper will tell you — is that spending time with these amazing creatures can be a truly gratifying experience. And there is no better way to introduce your children to nature’s wonders than the gentle honey bee. 

The classes include instruction on how to assemble the hive, the tools and materials commonly used, how to install bees, inspect the colony, and much more. Basic bee biology and hive sociology will be covered, along with how to keep bees healthy, harvest honey, and get the colonies ready for winter.

There will be both lectures and demonstrations, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The sessions will be recorded, so you can watch — or re-watch —  afterward.  Join the members of the Back Yard Beekeepers Association in a course designed to provide all the information needed to get started keeping bees. You can begin to experience the wonders of working with one of nature’s most amazing creatures this spring! 

Visit the website to learn more about Bee School. Link to signup:

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