Easton Democratic Town Committee Elects New and Returning Members

The Easton Democratic Town Committee held their biennial caucus to elect its new members on Tuesday, Jan. 5. Given the town’s current COVID policy, the caucus was held outside the Easton Library to ensure an inclusive event where all could safely vote.

The new slate of 35 Democratic Town Committee members, who will serve a 2022-2024 term, was approved unanimously by the caucus, in which any registered Democrat in Easton can vote. Candidates on the slate listed both returning members and new members, including some who had never stood for the party’s membership before and some who recently changed their voter registration to Democrat.

Democratic Town Committee Chair Nanette DeWester said registered Democrats have continued to increase their ranks in Easton in recent years.

“We’re thrilled this caucus included returning DTC leaders as well as new members,” said DeWester. “Last night we saw the unity and enthusiasm that helped us drive turnout to historic levels and victories in Easton last November. That momentum grows and reflects the positive, collaborative energy of Easton Democrats. There was no contentiousness, even though our numbers continue to grow in Easton, because we understand the need to work together as a party–and across the aisle– to ensure we maintain the excellent schools, senior services, land preservation, and sound local government that protects the investment we all have in this community.”

“There’s a real sense of optimism among Democrats in town right now,” said returning DTC member and State Rep. Anne Hughes. “The biennial caucus to elect new members showed our cohesiveness as a group and our readiness to support the strong leadership team Easton elected in November. Our ability to tackle issues that divide Easton starts with our ability to foster unity in our own party, and that unity was on full display Tuesday evening at the caucus.”

The town committee will hold a final meeting via Zoom to close the current term on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. In March, the town committee will vote for new officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Any registered Democrat in Easton is welcome to attend monthly town committee meetings. For more information, visit the DTC website.