To the Editor:

The Easton Republican Town Committee had its biennial caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 4 to select members of the committee. As your Chair, I want to thank those who have served over the years with their time, talent and dedication to the party.

The ERTC membership for the next two years reflects a new group of equally talented and diverse backgrounds with a shared purpose of serving Easton. They will work together to further the cause of important Republican issues here in our town.

The new committee members take office on March 9 and new officers will be elected shortly thereafter. I look forward to seeing the new ideas and direction the committee will implement to continue to make Easton the greatest small town in Connecticut. To quote one of our most famous residents: “alone we can do so little. together we can do so much.”

Thank you,
Wendy Bowditch
Chairman, Easton Republican Town Committee

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