Board of Selectmen Meeting of Jan. 6, 2022

The Board of Selectmen held its first meeting of the new year on January 6. The main order of business was the appointment and reappointment of many people serving the town on boards and commissions. Many terms expire around the start of the new year.

The selectmen made the following appointments:

  • Agricultural Commission: Member (reappointed) – Victor Alfandre, Matthew Oricchio, Irv Silverman, Alternate – Denise Hebner
  • Board of Assessment Appeals: Alternate – Gayle Worthington
  • Board of Ethics: Member – Benjamin Lehberger (reappointed), Vivian Hardison, Emma Montoya (reappointed), Mark Peyser (reappointed), Craig Sternberg
  • Board of Finance: Alternate – Michael Gutowski, Maureen Williams
  • Board of Fire Commissioners: Member (reappointed) – David Katz
  • Commission for the Aging: Member (reappointed) – Linda Dollard, Lisa Tasi, Alternate – Katie Callahan, Nanette DeWester (reappointed)
  • EMS Commission: Member (reappointed) – Vincent Mase
  • Insurance Commission: Member (reappointed) – Gerry O’Brien
  • Measurer of Wood (reappointed) – Michael Sabia Sr, Irving Snow
  • Parks & Recreation Commission: Member (reappointed) – Chris Barcello, Chase Cameron
  • Pension & Employee Benefits Commission: Member (reappointed) – A. Reynolds Gordon, Logan Shedd
  • Planning & Zoning Commission: Member – John Foley, Robert Maquat (reappointed), Alternate – Ray Ganim
  • Senior Center Advisory Board: Member (reappointed) – Althea Falco
  • Zoning Board of Appeals: Alternate (reappointed) – Davis Owen

Several boards and commissions still have openings for members or alternates. The list is posted on the town website. People interested in being considered for a position can contact the First Selectman’s office, the Easton Democratic Town Committee or Easton Republican Town Committee.

Watch a recording of the meeting here.

An archive of Board of Selectmen meetings can be accessed here.

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By Kristi Sogofsky

Kristi currently serves on the Board of Selectmen. She also volunteers her time with several youth and community groups. Kristi worked in local broadcast journalism for 20 years as an anchor and reporter.