Mako, a mini Goldendoodle who spent two days and nights missing outside in the freezing cold, surprised his family when he turned up asleep on the couch.

“He slipped through a door left open by a crack and we found him on the couch,” said Barbara Powell. Mako is Powell’s son’s dog and she is caring for him.

But for Powell, the real surprise was how Eastonites united to help find the dog.

“It was just unbelievable. Hundreds and hundreds were looking for him. They were texting me saying ‘I think I might have spotted him.’ They were giving me hints on how to get him back,” said Powell, a Barlow High School teacher.

Poster of missing Mako shared on social media.

Mako went missing on Jan 10 from Sanford Drive after he was grazed by a car and went into flight mode.

When news of his disappearance hit Facebook many in the community jumped in to find him. For two days and nights Eastonites searched. Some searched on foot. Others drove. They searched during the day. At night they donned headlights. Prayers were prayed. Someone flew a drone over Maple Row Farm.

Even children at the Easton Arts Center’s after school program did their part to find Mako. They made posters of the missing dog. One of them read “We love you Mako.”  

Easton Arts Center’s director and founder Keri English-Giddes said when she told the children a dog was lost in town they all jumped at the chance to help find him.

“They all worked independently. I just gave them the information I had from Facebook about the dog and they made their own posters,” said English-Giddes.  

Children at the Easton Arts Center made posters to help find Mako.

Cathy Dunsby, who runs the Easton 411 Facebook page, said she was amazed at how many people sprung into action to find Mako when she shared on the page the news that he was missing.

For two days people posted tips, leads and sightings of Mako near and around North Park Avenue. There were posted warnings not to chase or call out to him for fear he’d run away.

“I passed cars looking for him while I was out driving. College kids home on break were looking for him. Even people who aren’t dog people were worried about him,” said Dunsby.

Powell is grateful to everyone who prayed and searched for Mako. He went to vet and is fine, aside from being dirty and exhausted.

One Facebook user suggested making Mako the town mascot for bringing people together.

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