Updated Jan. 21,2022

Fire Department

Good afternoon,

I am happy to announce that there is definite improvement in the Covid numbers. Statewide the positivity rates and number of people in the hospital are declining. For the week ending January 15, the weekly number of cases fell to 48. For sure this is still an underestimate as more of us are testing at home, but the trend is still good. Still Covid is not without its challenges. Many of you realized during the storm on Monday that it took a little longer than usual to plow our roads. (We are spoiled by the usual speed at which our roads are cleared). A majority of our DPW staff were not available. I apologize we didn’t get it done as quickly as usual, but the staff did a wonderful job given the resources we had, in an unusual mix of snow rain and cold/icing. 

We are still allowing for flexibility in how boards and commissions hold their meetings. Different boards and commissions have different needs and I want them to have some latitude to do what is best for their particular situation. We hope to be able to set up better technology to broadcast meetings on Zoom and allow participation if needed. 

The Town received more at home test kits and masks today. Tests are now easy to obtain at stores, and appointments are readily available at walk-in clinics. You can also pick up a test kit at the Police Station (non-emergency number 203-268-4111 anytime) or the Senior Center 203-268-1145. If there are extenuating circumstances, we can deliver them. 

As most of you know we are planning to build a new EMS headquarters. The board of trustees of EMS has been raising money and the town has responded with many generous donations. However, I want to acknowledge an act of incredible generosity on the part of one of our residents. Renn and Janet Gordon have offered to donate $150,000 in matching funds to support the new headquarters. This is wonderful for our town and we cannot thank them enough. 

The committee tasked with creating an affordable housing plan for Easton has begun meeting.  They will hold their first public information session on February 10, at 6:00 PM at Samuel Staples.  The plan is to have this be a live meeting. There will be options for remote viewing, but if you want to speak, you will need to be present. You can also email the committee comments at ahc@eastonct.gov.  We will send more information as we get closer to February 10. 

There have been two important changes at the Easton Fire Department. This month Steve Waugh has retired as fire chief. I have worked with Steve for more than two years now. This is a nearly full-time job with only a small stipend, and Steve has worked as hard as anyone in town. We are a small town with a small department and the challenges that go with it. Steve has been dedicated, thoughtful, and often creative in getting the job done. I am not sure how far he is going to let himself step away which is good for all of us.  Robert Klem will be taking over. I fully expect he will not miss a beat. Rob has a long experience in the department, and I look forward to working with him. Many of you may not know that we have a hybrid fire department where there are two paid firefighters working around the clock as well as volunteers who respond with them. One of those full-time fire fighters for many years has been Jimmy Wright who also retired this week. Jimmy has also served the town for many years and has lived in town for even longer. He will be missed.  

I have previously discussed that the town hall will be getting a new flagpole. A number of years ago the Tasi family donated our first town flag to fly in front of town hall. That flag has faded significantly and the Tasi’s have again stepped up and offered to provide the town with a new Easton flag. Thank you.

As you can see, part of what makes Easton such a wonderful town is the participation and generosity of our people. On top of all of the physical beauty of our town, Easton is really about us. At the end of the day that is what really makes Easton, Easton. Don’t forget to check out our town website eastonct.govthe06612.com to keep up with what is happening in town.

Stay warm,

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