To the Editor:

Fellow residents and Optimum/Altice/formerly Cablevision customers,

Are you losing your Internet, WiFi, and pay-per-view service in Easton regularly? My Center Road home has been experiencing ‘Lost” Internet connections randomly several times a day. My basic TV service remains working, but Internet-based services such as Internet, WiFi, and pay-per-view service disappear, then returns on its own anywhere from 30 minutes to hours later. I recently spoke to an Optimum on-the-road tech who said this is because Optimum is in process of upgrading its equipment and the work is not yet completed for many areas, including, at least, Center Road in Easton.

I reported this at Easton Town Hall to document this service issue so Town Hall can report this to Optimum/Altice on behalf of affected Easton residents. If you are experiencing these service problems–services we are paying dearly for each month–please report this to Town Hall, and also Optimum. With enough pressure, the hope is they step up the upgrades in Easton and we once again have all the services and reliability we are paying for.

Bill Gardella


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