Just in the nick of time! In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, Jan. 25., Easton’s EMS helped to deliver a healthy baby boy. 

Easton’s 911 center received a call at 2:39 a.m. that a woman was in labor and in need of medical attention. Easton’s fire, police, EMS, and paramedic support from Trumbull, were immediately dispatched.

“The 911 dispatcher did what they call emergency medical dispatching, or EMD, which is just talking through the call with the patient, or, in this case, the patient’s husband,” said Easton EMS Chief Jon Arnold. “They get necessary information while emergency services are en route.”

Fire and Police were the first to arrive on the scene. It became evident that the mother was not going to make it to the hospital in time to deliver her baby.

“First responders were only waiting a couple of minutes for the ambulance and paramedic support to arrive, but in that time frame the baby was coming .… as the ambulance was pulling up; they grabbed their kit and they delivered the baby in the house,” said Arnold.

The baby boy arrived at 2:56 a.m., just 17 minutes after the 911 call was made.

Easton EMT Josh Meszaros was happy to have been able to help the baby boy arrive safely.

“We deal with calls all the time that are more serious. But to be able to deliver a baby, it really lightened the mood. Everyone was very happy, especially when the child comes out very healthy, which was definitely the case in this situation,” said Meszaros.

Remarkably, this was Meszaros’ second time helping to deliver a baby on the job, as he went through a similar experience less than a year ago, also in Easton.

Congratulations to Easton’s new parents, and to all of the first responders for another job well done.

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