An official legal notice was posted today on the Town of Easton website informing the public about a Republican primary to decide the members of the Easton Republican Town Committee (ERTC): Voting will take place on Tuesday, March 1 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Samuel Staples Elementary School, 515 Morehouse Road.

The post includes a link to a PDF of the official notice with a list of 30 candidates who were endorsed at the Jan. 4 ERTC caucus meeting, and a separate list of 10 additional candidates who successfully petitioned to be included on a primary ballot:

Excerpt from legal notice posted to the Town of Easton website.

Registered Republican voters from Easton will decide the final slate of 30 ERTC members from these 40 possible candidates. The entire PDF of the legal notice is included below:

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