Updated 02/04/2022


Good afternoon,

The Covid numbers continue to improve. Cases dropped from 30 to 25 for the week ending January 29. Hopefully the trend will continue.

In town hall, we are reviewing all the town department budgets. They will be presented to the Board of Finance in a series of meetings in early March. More information about the process will be made available as we go. All of the meetings will be viewable, and we hope to have in person meetings.

The Grand List should be finalized at the end of the month. To reiterate, the budgets are presented to the Board of Finance and then in a public hearing. After the public hearing, the Board of Finance will discuss adjustments with individual departments and a proposed budget will be presented at the annual town meeting, followed by a referendum to approve the budget on May 3.

We realize that Easton is a town without any commercial support to our tax base. It is crystal clear to your board and commission leaders and town employees that we, as taxpayers provide the funding for every dollar in services that are provided. In preparing the budget we will go to the extreme to provide the highest level of services at the very lowest possible cost.

I also want to clear up a question about absentee ballots and applications. Absentee ballots can only be distributed by mail or in person to voters by the Town Clerk. All applications for absentee ballots are received and reviewed by that office and then the ballots are sent out. I have every confidence in the abilities and integrity of the town clerk to manage that process to the letter of the law.

On a lighter note, last week our emergency services, as always with great cooperation, delivered a baby here in Easton. Everything went very well and a healthy newborn emerged.  Great Job by all!

Again, we are looking at a winter storm tonight.  Please be careful particularly tomorrow when it will be icy. While I know our DPW crews will do a great job on our roads, most injuries invariably happen on people’s walkways, driveways and porches. Particularly for our seniors, stay inside unless it is absolutely necessary. Your newspaper or mail will wait and to all of us, please look after each other. After every storm I get to hear heartwarming stories of neighbors looking after neighbors.  Last week we sent links for storm preparations. Please refer to last week’s post.

Be safe and have a great weekend.


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