What does Easton mean to students in town? The Easton Planning and Zoning Commission is initiating an art project for children in town to design new ‘Welcome to Easton’ signs. Two groups (K-eighth grade and ninth-12th grade) will be drawing a design based on their own idea of what Easton means to them.

“We want these submissions to come in the purest form from a child and young adult’s eyes growing up in Easton,” said Alison Sternberg, a Planning and Zoning Commission member who is spearheading the contest.

Easton’s Board of Finance approved funding for the project, which involves the Easton Arts Council and Easton Arts Center. The Easton Arts Council will judge the drawings, which can be replicated based on the chosen winner’s drawings. The organizations are looking for a drawing of a new welcome sign that best represents what young Eastonites find special and inspirational about their town.

The design should include the text, ‘Welcome to Easton’ and ‘1845,’ the date Easton was established. Two locations at town lines have been chosen for the new signs pending official approval, said Sternberg.

Keri English-Giddes, the director and founder of the Easton Arts Center, welcomes this opportunity to collaborate with other organizations in town on a student-inspired art project. “I am very happy to be collaborating on this project for the children of Easton to get excited about the arts in their community,” she said.

Contest organizers emphasize that you don’t have to consider yourself an artist to enter or win the contest. The Easton Arts Council encourages all students to create content that shows an appreciation for what the town is known for, such as farm animals, Christmas trees, barns, tractors, reservoirs, and other things that give Easton its unique character.

Two designs will be chosen towards the end of March and there will be an unveiling at the sites with prizes for each of the winners.

Sternberg hopes to have more contests to celebrate the arts in Easton and to give students additional opportunities to display their creativity and passion in town.

Artwork can be dropped off at the SSES, HKMS or JBHS main office by March 25 or at the Easton Public Library on Saturday, March 26 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. More information about contest rules and the entry form can be accessed on the Easton Town Website or from the PDF of the poster.

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