The Easton Public Library has collaborated with the Center for Family Justice to bring a powerful and timely exhibit to the community. The “Unfinished Life Project: Messages from Lives Lost, We Hear You” is a traveling domestic violence exhibit and memorial that honors the victims who lose their lives each year in Connecticut to domestic violence.

Anne McGee, MSW, Center for Family Justice

The exhibit is made up of shadow boxes created by Anne McGee, MSW, a survivor of domestic violence and an advocate in Bridgeport. Each box represents an individual victim and is filled with objects that represent the victim’s work, hobbies, or passions. These displays inspire viewers to reflect on the humanity, love, and unfinished lives of the victims who are no longer here to participate in our collective futures.

“I am so excited that we are able to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence by displaying these beautiful shadow boxes,” said Lynn Zaffino, Library Director. “Anne has done such a wonderful job creating them. She has clearly put a lot of time and thought into honoring each victim.”

Easton Public Library is the first library to house the exhibit, and it will be on display through April 30 in the front of the Library, adjacent to the Circulation Desk.

For more information about the Center for Family Justice, visit

Photo at top: Anne McGee, Lynn Zaffino, & Mary Beth Rassulo

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