We may never know how a giant boulder wound up on Norton Road Wednesday afternoon, but there is a plenty of speculation among online sleuths and wiseguys.  

One Facebook user joked, “I see you found my kidney stone.”

Another asked, “Anyone see a Road Runner, or coyote in the area?”

A driver on Norton Road spotted the boulder wrapped with a chain around 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The sight of the massive rock was so that strange the driver photographed it and, naturally, went to Facebook to try to find some answers.

“How did this occur? Only in Easton! Theories welcome below!”

The question generated a flurry of responses with speculation ranging from Russian disinformation to Greek mythology.

One person wondered, “(Is) Sisyphus taking a dinner break?,” referring to the Greek mythological figure condemned to forever push a boulder up a hill only to have it roll down every time as he neared the top. 

 “Ahh those Greeks,” someone replied.

Others offered more educated guesses like the boulder fell off a truck because someone–most likely a contractor–was working with it given the chain wrapped around it.

“My guess is that at some point before this happened the words, ‘Well, that’s not going anywhere’ were said,” someone wrote.

Police Chief Richard Doyle said the boulder was not reported to the police but that it should have been because it was a driving hazard. But whoever dropped the rock came back to get it because it was gone a few hours later, leaving only an unsolved mystery.

“It should say ‘Acme’ on it,” another user wrote. “And where’s Wile E. Coyote?”

“He’s underneath,” someone replied.


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