Updated 4/1/2022

Good afternoon,

On March 28th, I had the pleasure of judging a baking contest for Helen Keller students. It was a fundraiser for Mikey’s way. For those of you who do not know Mikey Freedman, he was a Barlow graduate who died of cancer while at Harvard. He started a foundation which his parents still run giving presents to children undergoing cancer treatment. The contest was remarkable for two reasons; first, the creativity of our Easton children and second, it was the culmination of a month-long effort which raised more than $6000.  We have remarkable young people in this town, who are smart, creative and socially conscious. It is a real reason for us to be proud.

That same evening, the affordable housing committee, presented their draft report at a public information session. There was broad agreement that we should finds ways to provide affordable housing options in Easton, make absolutely certain that we protect our public watershed and not allow any development which changes the overall beautiful and rural nature of our town. When the discussion turned to more specific plans, there was more disagreement. Two options, which were considered with speakers raising both pros and cons were developing affordable housing options on the South Park property and at the old Staples location. In any event, the plan is starting to take shape and it will be a general blueprint to consider different strategies moving forward. This will evolve over time and we will try to make modest gains moving forward.

In town hall we are finalizing reinstating a human resources committee. This committee used to be a part of the town’s governmental structure.  It will deal with policy compensation and disciplinary issues. We feel this is a best practice for town management.

The Aspetuck Health District will offer FREE blood pressure screenings to residents and town employees at the Easton Public Library on Friday, April 8th from 11:00am-1:00pm. Also, please refer to our website (copy & paste link into your browser) https://www.eastonct.gov/health to participate in a two-day free blood pressure educational seminar, reservations required.

Thank you, Margaret Anania, for 25 years with the Town of Easton. You’ll be missed! Congratulations on your retirement!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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