Misdemeanor Arrest

A Westport resident, 25, crashed into the front window of Greiser’s Coffee & Market on the morning of Friday, April 1, at around 8:20 a.m. According to police, the driver stated that he had depressed the accelerator of his vehicle believing that it was in reverse to back out of a parking space. However, his vehicle was in drive and accelerated forward. A check of his driver’s license revealed an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) requirement, dating from a DUI arrest in May, 2021. Upon inspection it was discovered the IID was inoperable. The driver explained that it had been disconnected when the vehicle was serviced and he had not gotten around to having the device reconnected, police said.

He was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for 14-227k(b) Tampering with, Altering, or Bypassing the Operation of an Ignition Interlock Device and 14-13 Failure to Carry Registration Card.

He is scheduled to appear at the Bridgeport Courthouse on April 12.

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

The Easton Police Department is located at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612, 203-268-4111, EastonCT.gov.

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