The Easton Energy and Environment Task Force is excited to show you what electric vehicles are all about. On Saturday April 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the task force is hosting an electric vehicle car show at the Easton Public Library.

“When people come to the event, they can learn more about the car itself and can leave with concrete information that shows how to take part in the movement,” said Cathy Alfrandre, chairman of the Easton and Environment Task Force.

Eastonites can ask electric vehicle owners questions about their experience driving the cars and the technology behind them.

On view will be a couple of Tesla models, one of the new VW ID4s, a Mustang and a Polestar. The task force is still looking for a variety of different models to show such as Tesla, Ford, Hyundai, Volvo and Polestar, and for people to talk about their experience owning an electric vehicle.

The car show is part of the task forces’ continued effort to advance renewable energy.  The task force was formed in 2006.  After 15 years and counting, the task force and its members focused on broader environmental issues, including recycling and electronics. They have also tackled larger developments, such as putting a solar farm at Samuel Staples Elementary School, and most recently, an electric vehicle charger at the Easton Public Library.

“There is so much growing interest in electric vehicles, and investments in charging infrastructure have becoming more popular in public areas across the world,” Alfandre said. “Many people are looking for ways to address climate change and investing in EVs is one way to do it.”

It is not just the luxury of these cars that make them great. Electric vehicles are zero-emission vehicles because they produce no direct exhaust or tailpipe emissions. Live Green Connecticut is encouraging municipalities to become EV ready and prepare for increased use of electric vehicles in towns and cities throughout the state.

If you have an electric vehicle that you would like to have featured in the car show, please email Jeff Borofsky at

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