Easton’s Volunteer Fire Department is working to improve its much-anticipated annual carnival and to make it more convenient for the volunteers who run it. This year’s carnival will take place Aug. 2-6.

In preparation, the fire department is clearing a two-acre field to expand its training fields and to make more room for rides during the annual carnival, which will hopefully shorten the wait time for ride admissions, said Fire Chief Robert Klem.

“We started this plan about a year and a half ago,” said Klem. “The fireman and the community want a better and more efficient way to put this carnival on without a hitch.”

The Easton Volunteer Fire Department clears a field to make more room for the annual carnival and training. Photo by Rick Falco

The clearing will also provide additional space for the volunteer firefighters to complete training exercises to best serve the Easton community.

“Each year it is a hassle to train the firemen in the right environment because of all the trees they consistently have to down,” said Klem.

Last year the fire department celebrated its 80th carnival and its 100th anniversary as an organization. The popular carnival attracts hundreds of people who come for the food, games and rides. All of the food is prepared by volunteers and includes favorite carnival fare. The bingo tent is always a crowd favorite. Proceeds from the carnival help to cover the department’s year-to-year costs for fuel, insurance, electricity, and building and grounds maintenance.

Rendering of the pole barn. Courtesy of the EVFD and photo by Sophie Cammizzi.

The department also plans to construct a pole barn with a slate roof to replace a trailer in the back of the field where carnival equipment is stored. The plan is to reseed the field before the barn will go up in May, Klem said.

The entire project is being completely funded by donations to the department.

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