To the Editor:

I would like to add my voice to the many encouraging a “yes” vote on the land sale to Aspetuck Land Trust on Tuesday.

Like many others, I have concerns about the remaining acreage. And I would have strongly preferred to see a complete resolution.

But that is not the opportunity before Easton on Tuesday. The present opportunity is to preserve forever, not all, but a very large portion of a piece of environmentally sensitive land. It is not perfect. But it is positive.

What gives me comfort in advocating to protect the land in Tuesday’s vote is that the townspeople, armed with a veto under the new land ordinance, hold the keys to what happens with the remaining lot.

I am confident the people will wield this new power responsibly. I have heard little to no desire for development of this land and strong voices for preservation. There is no secret agenda that can pass unless the Easton population approves it.

So with that comfort as well as the knowledge that ATL very much wishes to acquire the remaining land, Easton should vote for this important act of preservation. But once that is complete, efforts should immediately turn to forever protecting the remaining parcel.

Andrew Kupinse

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