‘Keepers of the Blue’ Released Online

The latest film from the Courier’s “Sunday Nature Walk” columnist Tomas Koeck has been released online via YouTube. Keepers of the Blue previously premiered at the Bridgeport Discovery Museum and had its theatrical release at the Sacred Heart University Community Theatre.

“Keepers of the Blue” is a documentary examining several different oceanic environments and featuring the people and organizations that work to protect them. From the mighty great white shark to the humble reef fish, the ocean is teeming with life both big and small, fearsome and meek. The film aims to capture the essence of different kinds of oceanic life while also inspiring audiences to get involved to help preserve the vast expanse of aquatic ecosystems.

The film is directed by Koeck, a Sacred Heart University student, and features a crew of scientists, filmmakers, students, and educators. The project was supported by SHU’s School of Communication, Media and the Arts, and reflects SHU’s educational commitment to fostering ethical communicators, journalists and artists in partnership with surrounding communities, institutions and non-profit organizations.

Those interested in viewing the film can watch through the embedded link below:

In addition to the film, Sacred Heart University published the following behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on the the project’s expedition to film great white sharks:

To see more of Koeck’s work, visit his website.

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