To the Editor:

After fifty years, South Park is on the brink of “Forever Ours and Forever Wild.” But we’re not there yet. And now, we need your help for one last push.

On Tuesday, May 31, 7 p.m. at Samuel Staples Elementary School, Easton residents have a chance to vote to permanently preserve the remaining ten acres of property that were not part of the Aspetuck Land Trust’s recent agreement to purchase some nineteen acres. As far as the future of South Park is concerned, the outcome could not be more momentous:

A “yes” vote means that those ten acres will be preserved in perpetuity, and become part of the 40,000 acre “Green Corridor.”

For Citizens for Easton, the outcome is likewise important, both symbolically and practically. Founded fifty years ago, CFE was born to protect this same South Park property from high density development. In that long-ago moment, CFE found both a mission and a vision. At last, after 50 years, that vision is close to becoming a reality.

Let us be clear on one additional point: CFE supports affordable housing, but we also believe Easton has a unique mandate to protect and preserve our vanishing woodlands.

If you agree, please let your voice and your vote count. After all, we’ve waited fifty years for this moment.

Verne Gay, President

Citizens For Easton

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