To the Editor:

This Tuesday (May 31) Easton citizens are being asked to show up at our Town Meeting and vote for a permanent conservation easement to protect our town-owned South Park Ave. property from development. More than 700 Easton citizens signed a petition calling for this Town Meeting — all in just a 10-hour period on referendum day (May 3). And after these signatures were submitted to the Town Clerk, many more citizens said they wanted to sign.

Aspetuck Land Trust and other groups are issuing cards and letters asking Easton citizens to come to the Town Meeting. The benefits of protecting this land are substantial: Economic benefits, environmental benefits, and quality of life benefits. They are all explained in the South Park Advisory Committee’s final report on the Easton town website (see section 2 “Dwight Senior’s recommendation for action”):

I implore all Easton citizens to come to this Special Town Meeting at Samuel Staples Elementary School at 7pm on Tuesday May 31 and vote for this important Conservation Easement. We all need to preserve and protect this precious land once and for all.

Grant Monsarrat


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